There are a few important factors to keep in mind before you hire a band for your function. At this point, before we move on, you should have a quick look at our repertoire on the song list page (if you haven't done so already). Go on....we'll see you back here in a few moments!


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The 4 Ingredients of Zakon




OK, you are most likely at the planning stage of your event. As a band, we have performed at several hundred gigs together, and we are very experienced. Our aim is simple; it is to entertain you & your guests with live music!


We approach every performance the same way, but what does this mean you ask? Well, regardless if your event is a wedding of 500 guests, or corporate event with 1000 guests, an engagement party with 150 present, or a backyard party of 50 people, or pub gig with 3 people present, we approach all of these events with the same level of utmost professionalism & give it 100% effort. We have worked this way since 2003.


Our repertoire consists of songs of wide appeal. We carefully research all new songs before we add them to our repertoire. We thoughtfully gauge & reflect with one another about previous events, about what the general public likes to hear. We also follow current trends & we rehearse regularly. We wouldn't be here if we didn't love this with 100% conviction. OK, let’s have a look at what ingredients go into making Zakon!




It’s quite simple really. 4 key ingredients make up Zakon. They are:


Angie - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar


A must have ingredient that is absolutely bursting with emotion & dynamic.

Full of beautiful vocal tone & musicality; dynamically versatile when immersed

into any style of song.





Frank - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals


This important ingredient completely (but thoughtfully) saturates the mix with

dynamics & intensity. The sound produced via all 3 stringed instruments & the

mind-blowingly heartfelt & carefully crafted playing, is second to none.








Mile - Drums & Percussion


This essential ingredient is the fundamental aggregate that solidifies the entire mix

with power & strength from ground up. The energy outputted from this ingredient

channels through to Angie, Frank & Zeljko, then collectively converts into "party" energy, 

ultimately transferring directly to your event!






Zeljko - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards/Sequencing, Acoustic Guitar


This ingredient is the musical "core" of the band, & brings incredible musical intuition

& perfection to the mix. The desire to craft a musical masterpiece within each song &

within each performance infiltrates through the other ingredients, ensuring exciting live shows.

The way this vocal meshes with Angie’s vocal in particular, needs to be heard & felt to be believed.







Mix all of this together & what you get is an experienced band that is essential for your next event!


Mix Tips:


This is an important tip!

For weddings especially, (this is the biggest slice of advice that we bestow to each couple we meet with, to help plan their big day). If you are the bride and/or groom, get in there & set the example for your guests & really show them how to party to a live band. Believe it or not, your energy "rubs off" onto your guests & turns your wedding into the ultimate celebratory event!



Finished Product:


There you have it! Book us for your next event! Check out our Testimonials page for proof!

Hope to see you soon!